our story

Our Story

Hey Chicas, it’s Devra, the travel and fashion obsessed founder of Miamica.  While on vacation in 2000 – tired of the lack of stylish and functional travel accessories out there – I decided to start Miamica.  Combining my background in writing with my love of accessories, I quickly discovered all the women who were just like me and craved practical, yet fashionable travel accessories.

As the brand took off, I brought on Design Chica, Allissa, to help grow the collection.  Together, we Chicas travel the globe for inspiration and trend, so we keep on coming out with new, exciting travel accessories that cater to all you style-minded women!

Miamica means “my friend” in Italian and our products are meant to be just that, your travel companions while on the go.  Whether it is that weekend getaway or a globetrotting adventure, our wide range of accessories covers all your travel needs. 

At Miamica, we are passionate about traveling, packing, and organizing and have made it our mission to create the most fashionable, functional, and fun accessories.  Our innovative products offer the ultimate solutions to help organize the contents in your carry-on, suitcase, gym bag or handbag.  And they make the cutest gifts too!  Our goal is to make the packing process effortless and if our cool graphics put a smile on your face, then we’ve done our job!

Life is a journey. Pack well.

Devra & Allissa

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