About Us

Ok, we admit it. We are obsessed with packing, organizing and traveling  and have made it our mission to create the most fashionable, functional and fun accessories to help organize all our stuff! Our original designs are meant to offer the perfect travel solution and help compartmentalize all the contents in your handbag, suitcase or overnight bags, so that the packing process is painless and easy. And if our amusing graphics can put a smile on your face, then we have met our goal!

MIAMICA® means “my friend.” So, consider our unique products as your travel companion. Our wide range of accessories includes cases to organize your chargers, clear cases to meet security regulations at airports, bags to protect your hair dryer, shoes and even tampons! Our lingerie and bathing suit bags include separate compartments for your clean and washable garments, while our beach bags conveniently separate the greasy suntan lotion from towels, magazines and sunglasses.

MIAMICA® accessories also make the perfect gifts! We can custom design product for corporate or promotional gifts and include your company logo.

We work non-stop at creating original products for all you travelers who crave practical yet fashionably chic accessories. MIAMICA® is your passport to The Art of Packing®.